Amity, The Wind and The Sea

by Anei Birdlo



You are the wind
And I am the sea
I like it when you blow into me

You are ancient Indian holy trees
And I am the branches
Slowly flowering

On Sunday morning,
I carefully picked a spoon to give to you
Outside was the folding of the sun beneath a curtain of warm leaves
Holding you in my arms
Lifting up to hear your distant charm
And do I believe?
Oh how I believe it
Amity you're with me

November came before the frost
when I was feeling lost
and fighting this disease

You were against me in early summer
so I left you for the city
and didn't look behind
to see if you were still yelling
the blood on the deer and the window with no pane
a kitchen without cellophane

When I got the news of all my family in the hospital
starting to remove old memories of past lovers
pouring golden streaks of light into soil around your feet
trying to remove any cancerous disease

And I got the call while driving
at the gas station off West Street
I stopped and held the wheel
while crying with my head hung in defeat

Well honey, you are just a monster
for giving this to me.

Holes are everywhere around me
blood and puss empty out your body
Holes where her future child should be
deaf father, boneless mother, carry your souls safely
my aunt committed, hold your head highly
your eyes all wild and wrenching
hope is for the enemies
your two-tongued sister will call the coyotes
to exhume your decaying bodies

And return your spirits holding
new bones, new blood and crystal carvings
the arrows from our ancestors
the elbowed toothless dogs wandering
circling 'round your body
holding rocks of stream bed valleys

I am the wind
and you are the sea
I like it when you flow into me

I am ancient Indian holy trees
and you are the branches
slowly flowering

And cold January moves me across the country
in Colorado running with my head spinning
Oh change how I would welcome you
if you came my way
I would ask you to confront this family
with all of their past mistakes

On a Saturday night I am bending myself to get to you
But you're far away and formless
where my thoughts keep me distracted, while I'm listening for the sirens
small-mouthed words fall from your lips
dying like the moths to lit lanterns
And do I believe?
Oh how I believe it
Amity you're with me.


released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Anei Birdlo Baltimore, Maryland

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, a passionate and soft-vocaled, hard-vocaled singer, song-writer and performer.
Growing up studying music throughout her life including Classical European music on viola, piano and voice, chorus and chamber choir studies, Western music theory, and adopting singing and song-writing styles from multiple popular musicians from Iron and Wine to Saul Williams.
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